LJS Masonry Sealer

Waterproofing compound for all Concrete and Masonry surfaces 

LJS Masonry Sealer is a clear and odorless  Consintrated Siloxane System. This is a highly concentrated, penetrating, inorganic, and organic based compound that is used for sealinng stucco, brick, block, natural stone, and most man made stone and concrete surfaces. 


  • Deep penetrating
  • Allows treated surfaces to breathe
  • Reduces interior wall sweating
  • Low viscosity, dries without becoming sticky
  • Will no change the color of the surface
  • Creates a tight and smooth surface on masonry
  • Cost effictive with longer lasting results


LJS Masory Sealer is very easy to use and there is no mixing required. Shake container thoughly before using or stir well. You may apply it to masonry with a spray, brush, roller, or just by soaking the surface. The coverage of this product will vary depending on the porosity of the substrate.  Standard guild line would be 125-150 sq ft/gallon. A two coat application is recommended for long term service.

*WARNING* - This product is a combustible material. Keep away from sparks or open flames. Ensure that adequate ventilation is used at all times. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using this product.  If it gets in eyes, flush eyes for 15 minutes with water and contact a doctor.

Technical Data / Specifications