LJS Masonry Hardener concrete treatments

Penetrates and Chemically Treats Concrete and Masonry. 

LJS Masonry Hardener is an aqueous blend of inorganic polymers and penetration additives. It is a ready to used right out the container on all concrete and masonry surfaces. helps with the basement waterproofing process.


  • Reacts with free lime to form stable calcium silicate
  • Strengthens all concrete and masonry 
  • Is compatible with new/old concrete, mortar, stone work and brick masonry 
  • Deposits polymeric silicates in the treated substrates
  • Exhibits UV resistance, durability and chemical stability
  • Eliminates dusting and creates abrasion resistance


LJS Masonry Hardener concrete treatments are designed to be used prior to a repair, such as patching, concrete repairs, concrete painting, and basement waterproofing. It will aid with the bonding or penetration of LJS Repair materials and LJS Masonry Sealer. Surface must be clean and dust free during application. Apply a good coating best results.

Technical Data / Specifications