LJS Waterproof Coating System

LJS Waterproof Coating System is a more effective and economical solution applied to the interior foundation walls when restoration and waterproofing is required. In most cases, this system uses a selected group of LJS products to build a durable, long lasting, cosmetic cement base waterproofing system.


We start with preparing the repair area by removing debris and loose or weak concrete from the wall and floor. We remove loose and failed coatings from the wall with the LJS Vacuum Grinding System. With a light-weight chipping hammer, we cut and roughen the floor/wall joint. By spray, we apply LJS Masonry Hardener to the all prepared walls and floor joints. We repair prepared floor joint with LJS Pro Grout Repair Mix. All wall voids and damaged areas are repaired with LJS Pro Fast Patch. In the presence of leaking wall penetrations, the LJS Water/Wasteline Penetration System is installed. After all repairs have set, by brush we apply 2 heavy coats of LJS Waterproof Coating System to the wall and overlap repaired floor joint. The coating is extended onto floor approx. 3" wide. The final finish will have a textured white cement look.

The LJS Waterproof Coating System carries a 10 year 'No Questions asked' Warranty.         LJS warranties are transferable.