LJS Water/Waste Line Repair System

LJS Water/Waste Line Repair System is specially designed for all types of Foundation wall penetration though wall. Including PVC, CVC, Copper and Cast Iron pipes through foundation walls. In most cases, adhesions around these pipes are nearly impossible. LJS has specially designed an adhesive to bond around any plastic and metal surface for long term protection.


We use a unique very high strength and a high density patching material specially designed with Polymers/co-polymers along with the application of our LJS Waterproof Coating System. LJS starts by removing all failed patches and debris around the repair area and properly cleaning the pipes mechanically to remove contaminates. When mechanical abrasion is not possible, we apply LJS Concrete Adhesive, a non-corrosive bonding agent to the pipe. The application of LJS Concrete Adhesive also resists solvents, mild acids, and alkaline attack.

We than install LJS Pro Fast Patch to create a water tight repair barrier. This allows large vertical voids to be filled quickly. To finish, we apply LJS Waterproof Coating System over the repair area to prevent water migration through the foundation wall in a geometric pattern.